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Financial Statement Preparation and Attest Services

Financial Statements and Assurance Services – Our approach is to provide assurance to the owners, investors and lenders to meet the business and regulatory obligations for which the business functions. Our services include the preparation of compiled financial statements and reviewed financial statements.


Oil and Gas exploration and production – The oil and gas industry provides unique opportunities / tax complexities with the maximization of the deductions related to intangible drilling and development costs, cost and percentage depletion allowances, production payments. Other complexities include the leasing and sales of mineral interests, retention of overrides.

We provide assistance in the selection of the optimum entity to conduct your oil and gas operations in view of the interaction other areas of tax law including the passive activity limitations.

Real estate – Our firm provides services in the real estate industry with considerable experience with land development, multi and single family properties, office and industrial warehouse properties, and home builders.

Professional services – Our team will invest the time to learn about your business. We will develop a custom plan designed specifically to save you time and help your business succeed.

Medical services, physicians and dentists – We will develop a customized plan to take care of of your accounting, tax and financial planning needs so you can spend your time taking care of your patients.

Construction – Our background includes services with construction contractors including home builders, road and utility construction, engineering and developers.

Not for profit – Our focus within the non-profit sector is to ensure the goals of the organization remain focused toward their primary objective(s). We have extensive experience with schools, foundations and other charitable organizations.

High net worth families – You have worked very hard to build your wealth and we know that finding the right financial partner is of the utmost importance. Give us a call and let us show you why we should be that partner.

Restaurant – The restaurant industry provides unique challenges, from managing cash flow, complying with the unique licensing requirements and the unique payroll complications such as the social security tip credit. We provide assistance with numerous clients in complying with these requirements.